Meet The Team


Michelle Goetsch

Michelle Goetsch joined Good Shepherd Lutheran School (GSLS) in 2018, after serving 5 years as principal of First Lutheran School (FLS) in Glendale, California. When FLS was asked to find a church home for the school ministry, she found Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School was the perfect fit, with the same child centered mission. She came to the Los Angeles area from Thousand Oaks, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude from California Lutheran University (CLU). She was an active member of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for 20 years, having served as Sunday Church School Director and on the church council. Her career path has included positions in general education, special education, business and theater arts. Ms. Goetsch has a deep appreciation for the individual talents and needs of each child, as she is the mother of two exceptional adult children.





Irma Luna officially joined the staff of Good Shepherd in 2019 after serving 8 years as president of the school board and 17 years in management. She fell in love with Good Shepherd when her oldest child was welcomed into the church-school family on his first day. When she was asked to fill the position of office administrator, she felt called to serve in a full time capacity. "The work that community had and continues to do to keep the school and church going is what has kept me serving. I felt like I wanted to be part of that." Ms. Luna's oldest child graduated with honors and youngest is a student at Good Shepherd.

Office Administrator

Irma Luna 


Marisol Nunez

Marisol Nunez earned her BA in History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and a California Multiple Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential in 2021 from California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Prior to joining the GS family, she worked for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for 7 years providing support to advanced learners, English language learners and students with special needs. She is enthusiastic about engaging students in her lessons by applying their interests, prior experiences, and social-emotional learning needs. Ms. Nunez is an avid reader. Her favorite book is the Bible, and she enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, going to the beach, hiking trails and  spending quality time with friends and loved ones. 

First Grade

Jessica Ramirez

Jessica Ramirez has been part of the Good Shepherd family since 2012, serving as the JK/Kindergarten teacher for 4 years before moving up to First Grade. Prior to joining the GS family, she worked in ABA therapy, implementing behavior plans and strategies for students on the Autism spectrum. Ms. Ramirez received  her Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Sciences and Early Childhood Education, as well as early child development education teaching certification from East Los Angeles College. "I have a true passion for working with our young learners, building the foundation of their academic journeys and helping them progress in all areas of their development in a positive, fun, and loving environment. "

Heydi Cubas


Heydi Cubas joined Good Shepherd Lutheran School after teaching at First Lutheran School for 18 years. Mrs. Cubas earned her degree in Liberal Arts and Elementary Education from California State University Northridge (CSUN). Her teaching career began in 1991 at Los Angeles Unified School District. Mrs. Cubas is very passionate about her work and enjoys teaching and interacting with her students everyday. Also being certified in early child development education allows her to understand each individual students educational needs and take the appropritate steps to make sure they are met.

Second Grade
Third Grade

Shantell Darby-Robertson

Shantell Darby-Robertson is a member of the Lutheran Church of the Foothills, and came to Good Shepherd Lutheran School in 2020 after serving as an early childhood and Kindergarten educator for 5 years. Mrs. Robertson earned her ECE units and teacher certification from El Camino College, and is currently working on her multiple subject teaching credential. She is a champion of multiple learning styles in the classroom, and strives to provide every child with what they need for success. "My main goal is to stimulate each child’s mind while helping to create and build upon a strong foundation that will help them throughout their academic career." 

Fourth Grade

Isabel Villanueva

Isabel Villanueva joined Good Shepherd after teaching upper elementary at First Lutheran School (FLS) for 20 years. Prior to FLS, Mrs. Villanueva taught at Columbus Elementary School in Glendale, California. She earned her B.S. degree in Psychology and completed her pre-medical graduate courses from the College of Science at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. Isabel’s journey in education included a career in School Guidance Counseling and Psychology. She is trained in Child Development and certified in California Basic Educational Skills. Her passion for imparting knowledge made her pursue teaching at the pedagogy level in the U.S. After two decades teaching FLS/GSLS students, "Mrs. V." continues to be visited by former students who credit her with instilling the word of God, love of learning and strong work ethic that made them successful college graduates. 

Michelle Phang

Fifth Grade

Michelle Phang is the granddaughter of a pastor, and grew up singing in her church choir. She earned her Master's degree in Education Technology, California Multiple Subject teaching credential and a Single Subject Life Science credential from California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). She joined Good Shepherd after teaching middle school classes for Salem Lutheran School in Glendale. Prior to Lutheran schools, Ms. Phang spent 10 years  teaching middle and high school science for the Los Angeles Unified School district, and one year teaching the 4th grade. While earning her master's degree and credentials, Ms. Phang worked for the University of Southern California (USC), facilitating the Med-Cor program for inner city youth interested in pursuing careers in medicine.


Ms. Phang is passionate about getting students involved in S.T.E.M. endeavors and incorporating the arts. She plays both piano and flute; and, her favorite composer is Rachmaninoff. For extracurricular activities, Ms. Phang loves leading cheer clubs and sharing the Catalina Island Marine Institute with her students. When not working on classroom or extracurricular projects, Ms. Phang enjoys spending time with her Chihuahua, Taffy.


Roland Rosas

Roland Rosas Joined Good Shepherd in 2021, immediately following a summer assignment, teaching 6th-8th grade at Aveson Global Leadership Academy in Altadena. Mr. Rosas earned his Master’s Degree in Education, and a California Multiple Subject teaching credential, in 2019 from Grand Canyon University. While in college, he gained experience substitute teaching for grades K-12 at Los Angeles area charter and private, Christian schools, and enjoyed having his paper published for the school philosophy journal on the “Zhuangzi”.


Mr. Rosas hobbies and interests include swimming, coaching basketball, performing through theatre arts, and creating original guitar compositions. He is especially passionate about creative writing; and, looks forward to sharing character development, storytelling and using art to make a story come to life with his students. He is excited to be a new member of the Good Shepherd family. Goals for his students include learning to honor and respect the content of each class and developing lifelong skills for the path ahead. Mr. Rosas prays that his classroom is a place where students can collaborate and grow in their relationship with God and their peers.


Niki Cornejo

Ms. Cornejo joined Good Shepherd in 2018 and has been working with our best teachers to facilitate the transition into full time teaching in the 2021-2022 school year. Alexandria "Niki" Cornejo earned her Bachelor's degree from California Institute of the Arts. Prior to teaching, Ms. Cornejo served as a teacher's assistant, campus supervisor, and summer program leader for over 6 years, gaining hands on experience in teaching and supervising children. in addition Ms. Cornejo brings formal training in art which she shares with our students during after school art classes. 

CDC Director/
Busy Bees Teacher


Aydee Quintana

Aydee Quintana began teaching JK/K at Good Shepherd Lutheran School (GSLS) after serving 18 years as the Preschool Director and Pre-K teacher at First Lutheran School, in Glendale. She resumed her role as Director upon the reShe received her early childhood education degree and certification from Mission College and Supervision/Administration certification from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After two decades dedicated to the ministry of Christian early education, she continues to feel called to bring God's love to His littlest children, while preparing them for successful academic careers. When not teaching Kindergarten, or performing administrative duties for the child development center, Ms. Aydee can be found leading a bible study for her church or spending time with her two children, both of whom attend Good Shepherd Lutheran school.


Angie Rodriguez

While working on her degree in child development, and serving as a 6th grade assistant teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Angie Rodriguez felt the call to teach God's littlest children in a faith based environment. She joined Good Shepherd in 2016, after earning her early childhood education units and certification from East Los Angeles College. Ms. Angie has taught both our preschool students as well as Jr. Kindergarten and is excited by the love of learning displayed in early childhood education.

Buddy Bears Teacher
Koalas Teacher

Stephany Vergara

Stephany Vergara, Mrs. Vergara or as the kiddos call her, "Ms. Stephany" joined the Good Shepherd family in 2020-2021 school year as a campus supervisor and preschool teacher's aide. Before Good Shepherd, Ms. Stephany served as a caregiver at Athertion Baptist Homes, a Christian skilled/assisted and independent living facility. She enjoys helping all of God's children from the beginning to the end of their lives. Her own child attends Good Shepherd; and, it was a natural progression to return to East Los Angeles College to complete her Early Childhood Education Certification, which allows Ms. Stephany to have her own class. She looks forward to teaching and caring for our youngest students. 


Wendee Hayano

Wendee Hayano enjoys teaching God's littlest children. Possessing a California multisubject teaching credential, having taught second grade at numerous schools throughout her career and first grade at Good Shepherd Lutheran School before retiring, we are excited to have her expertise and compassion  in our child development center.

Preschool Asst. Teacher

Jonathan Pena

Jonathan Pena, "Mr. Jonathan" joined Good Shepherd Lutheran in 2017 after serving as assistant teacher in grades K-5 at Culver City Christian School. He received his Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Cottonwood Leadership College, and is currently studying to become a youth pastor at the University of Southern California (USC). When not supervising students on campus or attending classes, Mr. Jonathan can be found playing drums for his congregation's praise band or leading his church youth groups' community service projects. 

Campus Aide/ Daycare
Volunteer Reading Specialist

Judylynn Pelling

Judylynn Pelling earned her degree, and teaching credential with specialization in elementary teaching, in 1969. In 1971, she received a Master of Arts degree in Theater Arts from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Mrs. Pelling is a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and joined the teaching staff at Good Shepherd Lutheran School in 1981. After almost three decades in the classroom, Mrs. Pelling semi-retired, serving as a volunteer reading specialist and school board secretary. When not working with students on reading comprehension, Mrs. Pelling can be found leading the Highland Park 4-H club, or swimming at the YMCA.