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Good Shepherd's

Child Development Center (CDC)

Curiosity is the first step in developing life-long learners who are Curious, Confident, and Capable. Our mission through our Child Development Center is to create a safe, nurturing environment for our youngest students to develop their wonder and curiosity while experiencing firsthand the love of God.

All of our classes provide the opportunity to develop age-appropriate skills, including fine and large motor skills, and exposure to a wide variety of topics in science, art, literacy, math, music, Christian faith, and more. 


We have weekly chapel and daily in-class Bible time where we learn about stories and values of the Christian faith. One Sunday per month during the school year the CDC, Elementary School, and Middle School come together for worship on what we call School Sunday. All classes share songs, while our older students participate in leading worship and students and families share food together after the service.  It is a great way to build comfort in front of groups while inspiring curiosity by seeing the examples of our older students.  


Each of our classes has a developmentally appropriate focus that builds on each other. 

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Koalas Class- 2-year-olds

In this class, curiosity is nurtured through our focus on language development and learning to be part of a group


Bees Class- 3-year-olds

In this class, we seek to honor our kids’ natural curiosity about others as they become more social. Therefore our focus in this class is on social skills or how to be a good friend.

—Pngtree—hand drawn cute cartoon koala_5331809.png

Bears Class- 4-year-olds

In this class, we aim to expand our students' curiosity. The student's areas of interest become the vehicle for teaching the skills necessary to be ready for kindergarten.

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